Lena Christine Anderson

Lena Christine Anderson passed away on Feb 22, 2023 at her home in Birmingham AL at the age of 85.  It was Ash Wednesday.  She was known to her children as Mom, to her grandchildren as GG, and to siblings and friends as Chris.

She was a native of Selma where she lived until she married a military man stationed at Craig AFB in Selma.  As the years went by, Chris moved her household to wherever the Air Force sent her.  Home was where her children were.  But, Selma was her roots. She always returned to Selma.

Chris was a member of the Silent Generation but, she was anything but silent.  She lived her life the only way she knew how — straight ahead.  She was smart, funny, thrifty, and stubborn.  Oh,  And she could swing a mean switch.

Her legacy lives on.  She is survived by her 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, two sisters, Edna Jean House and Ruby Teel (Roger Teel),  of Selma AL, as well as her brother, Jerry House (Thelma House), of Fayette AL.

She was loved and will be missed.