Clarence Tony Nickles

CLARENCE TONY NICKELS  May 31, 1990 – December 1, 2022

T.J Nickels never met a stranger. His heart was kind and forgiving. He kept a childlike manner all of his days. No matter what you did to him, He would return with a hug and an “I love you”. Unfortunately he was very trusting and got caught up with the wrong crowd.

Seeking acceptance. He started smoking pot which led to other drug use. Slowly his addiction became out of control. In an effort to find his way out and back to normal he tried rehab for two years. The time spent in rehab brought him great understandings of who God is. He tried to walk by the spirit through the flames of temptation and was free for a while. 

His spirit was willing but his flesh was weak. In all times He never stopped praying but he lost his life last Thursday night December 1st 2022.The paramedics were called and resuscitated him but he was brain dead. Even though Brenda’s heart is broken she knew the damage from the drug use even before this incident had already taken its toll. He had much trouble functioning normally. T. J was 32 years old and is survived by his Mom, Brenda Donahue, a sister and a brother Shawn and Angela. He also had two nieces and a great niece. The family will have a private service at Pelham cemetery at a later date.